WATCH: Thugs loot BOOZE truck!

A screengrab from the video.
A screengrab from the video.

STATISTICS South Africa recently released the latest Victims of Crime (VoC) survey, and it shows that many crimes go unreported.

The survey shows that 55,9% of 141 000 violent home robberies were reported, and just 50,6% of the 56 000 cases of assault were reported.

More than 5 455 people were hijacked between October and December 2021 – a 13,8% increase compared to the same period previously. This shows the amount of crime the country is faced with, as another video of a booze truck being looted has gone viral.

In the video shared by anti-crime activist Yusuf Abramjee, several men can be seen at the back of a moving truck trailer removing crates of booze. It appears the driver couldn’t see what was happening at the back but a fellow truck driver, who was following the truck, crushed the booze crates as they were thrown to the side of the road. The driver kept doing this until the men jumped off the trailer and ran.

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