WATCH - Sangoma: Sigida um’hlola!


MANY have seen how izangoma dance and some love their dancing.

But this time, people on social media were questioning why a certain sangoma was dancing in a way that appeared to be exotic. 

This came after a video of the sangoma with abnormal dance moves went viral. 

In the video, he starts by saying that he will dance “um’hlola” and those in the background dare him to do so. He goes on to lick his finger, model and then shake what his mama gave him. 

Many people were furious, saying he was giving izangoma a bad name and must be disciplined. 

They also questioned what kind of ancestor invaded the man’s life, saying this was odd. 

“I’m a 47-year-old man and I’ve never seen a twerking sangoma. This is very hard to watch and I hope this man reveals himself and explains what the hell this is,” said Vusi Mbatha. 

Dineo Mabunda said she was disgusted by how the man was dancing. She said she kept hoping that someone would pull him aside and reprimand him but people continued to clap, allowing him to humiliate izangoma. 

Stokie Benjamin said if people didn’t want to thwasa, then they shouldn’t because these were the actions of a person who didn’t respect what they do. 

“When I showed my sangoma mum this video, she was at a loss for words. This is just shocking, in a very bad way,” said Stokie. 

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