WATCH: Booze go down the drain


MAJOR GENERAL Fred Kekana said liquor causes a lot of problems and the police will shut down all illegal outlets, one by one.

The West Rand district commissioner told Daily Sun that the abuse of alcohol was a major contributor to violent crime, including gender-based violence.

In an effort to combat crime, police in the West Rand have been working with the Gauteng Liquor Board and other law enforcement agencies to close down illegal outlets. They have been issuing fines to outlets not complying with licence regulations and confiscating liquor during operations like O Kae Molao.

SAPS Officers in West disposed off alcohol that was confiscated from Illegal taverns from January 2022. Photo by Morapedi Mashashe Photo by

On Wednesday, 22 June, Kekana and his officers destroyed confiscated liquor at Krugersdorp Police Station. The alcohol came from 13 police stations and was confiscated from January.

Merafong City Mayor Nozuko Best said she understood that people were trying to make a living but they also needed to follow the laws of the country.

West Rand District Mayor Hullet Hild said a big problem was that many liquor outlets operated outside of business hours and some even sold alcohol to children.

Police officers get rid of liquor, which came from 13 cop shops and was confiscated from January, at the Krugersdorp Police Station on Wednesday. Photo by Morapedi Mashashe

He said it was also a problem that some sold alcohol near churches and schools.

“It’s damaging the minds of our children and we need to work together with the community to stop this,” he said.

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