WARNING: mabhebeza will win!

Mabhebeza is on the rise and has been trending on Facebook.           Photo from Facebook
Mabhebeza is on the rise and has been trending on Facebook. Photo from Facebook

THE poking muthi was banished years ago.

It killed a lot of women, while some are still recovering from its negative effects.

But mabhebeza is now back and is in demand. And sangomas and gobelas are warning people against it.


“Our relationship was in ICU. Nothing was going well for us no matter how much we tried to fix things,” she said.

Gobela Mahlalentabeni Mthembu told Daily Sun mabhebeza was dangerous as people could die from it if it’s not sieved properly.

“The sad thing is that no Western medication will help you, should it start having negative effects on you,” said gobela Mahlalentabeni.

“It’s extremely hard for sangomas to help stop this from growing or removing it from inside you.

“You can’t skip a day without feeding it black tea. If you forget it becomes another problem.”

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She said she was in the process of treating a woman who became sick because of this.

Gobela Joseph Dungamanzi said mabhebeza was almost like korobela, but the side effects were worse and deadly.


“I’ve seen people suffer after using it. It’s very hard for a sangoma to remove it. You’ll just die and so will your whole family,” he said.

Gobela Joseph said some women didn’t understand that mabhebeza is an animal from the water and a living thing.

“It grows and the more it grows, the more you’ll have a problem hiding it. Some women cut and share it,” he said.

“Stop risking your lives by committing mistakes. Stop using this. You’ll die!”

But a woman (36) from Wattville in Benoni told Daily Sun mabhebeza worked wonders for her. Her boyfriend recently proposed.

“Our relationship was in ICU. Nothing was going well for us no matter how much we tried to fix things,” she said.

She said she was warned to be cautious with it.

“I got it from KZN with my friend and we went to a sangoma who knows about these things.

“He told me to feed it black tea every day and drink a cup from it daily.

“I had to make sure it was sieved properly because one mistake and I’d be dead. That thing grows inside of you and you eventually die.”

She said she didn’t regret using it as she didn’t want to be with another man.


Another woman (39) said it helped her get money from a stingy boyfriend. She’s been in the relationship for four years and had mabhebeza for two years.

“Our relationship wasn’t bad, but I had a problem with him not giving me money. All his money was sent to his baby mama and her mother,” she said.

Daily Sun also spoke to some men who know about mabhebeza.

Themba Khoza (42) said: “I’m against it. It’s toxic. Someone will send you money and do everything for you because of that animal. They don’t love you.”

Thokozani Mahlangu (39) said he broke up with his girlfriend last year after he heard rumours she planned to get mabhebeza.”

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