BOWING your head is often seen as a sign of respect.

A funeral boss in Middleton, England has urged the public to show respect when they see a hearse pass by.

Manchester Evening News reported that the undertaker, popularly known as Ian Leary, took to Facebook to call for people to bring back the tradition of bowing their heads or stopping what they were doing to pay their respects when funeral processions drive by.

The 41-year-old director of Middleton Funeral Service told the publication that times have changed during his 10 years in the industry.

“When you think about years ago, people would stop, bow and pay their respects.

“When you turned into a street a lot of people would close their blinds and neighbours would come outside, and we hardly get that anymore,” Leary said.

He said his plea was just about keeping up with tradition and letting people know that when they do see a hearse, they show a little respect.

“We see all sorts when we’re out at funerals, we get overtaken by vehicles, wagons, vans and things like that,” Leary added.

Last month, Leary shared his opinion about the matter on Facebook and currently has over 50 000 shares and more than 4 000 likes.

He asked motorists to stop at junctions when driving to allow vehicles in funeral processions to pass as a group.

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