Twin found drinking DEAD mum's blood


THABO Moswane is haunted by the scene he claims he saw this week.

He allegedly found his twin brother, Thabang, drinking blood from the stab wound on his mum’s neck. The 24-year-old was arrested for allegedly stabbing her to death.

A fight in Mathopestad near Koster, North West, between Kedisaletse (53) and her son on Monday, 9 May, started when he asked for R10 she didn’t have.

Thabo said he was in the house when he heard his brother asking for it.

Thabo Moswane is pleading for help to bury his mother Kedisaletse who was stabbed to death.Photo by Rapula Mancai

“Then I heard screaming from the shack outside. I went there, only to find my mother helpless. My brother was drinking her blood from her neck, where he had stabbed her,” he said.

He said he never thought this would happen and that his brother was not violent.

Thabo said he asked why he had done this, and Thabang said: “I killed her because it was what you wanted me to do.”

Kedisaletse had many stab wounds and her sister Naomi (68) said it was difficult to process her death.

“We fear that Thabang might be a danger to the community. The law must take its course,” she said.

Community member Margaret Radebe (54) said the incident scared them.

“It’s hard to believe it happened.”

The family was hoping to bury Kedisaletse on Sunday and said they would welcome any help as they were struggling financially.

Colonel Adele Myburgh said Thabang was arrested and appeared in the Koster Magistrates Court on a charge of murder. “He will remain in custody until his second appearance on 16 May.”

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