#TRENDING: Mum drags daughter from groove!

A screengrab from the video.
A screengrab from the video.

THIS is every grooving teen’s worst nightmare, to be fetched from groove after sneaking out.

Mzansi is divided over this mum fetching her daughter from groove.

Some said there’s no need for her to drag her like that because it’s humiliating while some think she did good. 

Ukhanki on Twitter said South Africa records about 153 rapes a day. 

“And your underage daughter is that drunk at a tavern. As a parent, would you forgive yourself if anything happened to her while you had an option to do something? Kids are rebellious by nature and there’s peer pressure,” he said. 

Phumedzo Makhani said this mum is a mbokodo and a heroine. She said she’s saving the young lady from rape, car accidents, alcohol spikes and all the negative things that happen to young girls at groove.

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“The girl looks too young to be at groove. I also like mum’s attire. I’d do the same as well,” said Phumedzo. 

Mr Tsoks said his dad once came looking for him at a street bash. 

“As soon as I saw his car pull up, I disappeared in the crowd. I took a back street and ran back home. He found me chilling watching TV like nothing happened. I still got a beating though,” said Mr Tsoks. 

“People act like they don’t know what kind of country we live in, more especially when she’s that drunk. She also looks underage and the parent will have to live with consequences of her actions if something bad happens. She might be embarrassed now but she’s safe,” said Those. 

Andani Khakhu said: “Parents will embarrass you Yooh.”

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