SUNPOWER: Kasi gets it's power back

Citicorner residents are happy after their transformer has been replaced.          Photo by                   Phineas Khoza
Citicorner residents are happy after their transformer has been replaced. Photo by Phineas Khoza

AFTER months of living in the dark, residents of Citicorner can relax at last..

The area of Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni, was plunged into darkness last year when a transformer exploded.

Making matters worse, Eskom found that many households had tampered with their electricity boxes and fined them.

The power utility didn’t fix the transformer until all fines were settled.

Frustrated residents approached Daily Sun for help and after months of pleading, Eskom finally listened. On Wednesday, 18 May, residents almost couldn’t believe it when technicians arrived to fix the transformer. When the lights were switched on, they ululated with joy.

Ronald Negma said: “Yoh, it was not easy.”

The happy residents thanked Daily Sun for publishing stories about their plight and helping them.

They vowed to make sure no one stole power.

A resident said: “We will start a neighbourhood watch to protect our transformer. The more people bypass their meter boxes, the more likely it will explode. We have suffered and can’t allow a few people to make our lives difficult.”

Eskom spokeswoman for Gauteng Amanda Qithi said the utility had implemented a repair process which included meter audits, the removal of illegal connection, disconnecting those who had tampered with the system and issuing fines.

“All customers issued with fines had to pay them before supply could be restored,” she said.

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