Sinikeziwe (7) came back from school in a coffin


WITH LOUD music blaring, the transport driver reversed while on the school premises.

He didn’t know that he had struck little Sinikeziwe Ndlovu and dragged the badly injured child for about 6m.


Richard Ndlovu (47) from Dobsonville, uncle to the seven-year-old grade 2 pupil, told Daily Sun the accident happened on 17 May at Hector Peterson Primary School in Dobsonville, Soweto. Sinikeziwe died on 27 June after weeks at Leratong Hospital.

Richard said they received a call from the principal on the day, saying Sinikeziwe had been involved in a bad accident.

“While waiting for transport, she was bumped by a driver who was there to pick up other kids. The school said the driver was reversing and playing loud music, then hit and dragged her for about 6m,” he said.

She suffered lung failure and her ribs were broken.

“Doctors told us that her eye might not function as before, and she won’t be normal again should she survive,” said Richard.

DEVASTATED: Senamile Ndlovu, Nhlanhla Ngobese and mum Gcinile Ndlovu want justice after Sinikeziwe Ndlovu (inset) died after being run over by a scholar transport driver. Photo by Morapedi Mashashe

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Aunt Senamile Ndlovu said on 6 June, they went to the education district office to ask for assistance for better healthcare, but were told there was nothing they could do.

“They said the incident happened after school and she wasn’t hit by a teacher.

“We didn’t understand this because this happened at around 1pm when only grade one, two and three pupils were out. How was this person blasting loud music while other grades were still ongoing?” She said they also didn’t understand why the school allegedly went to the police behind their back to get a J88 form.

She said they opened an incident report at Doornkop Police Station, which has since been turned into a case of culpable homicide.

Mum Gcinile Ndlovu (43) said on the day, she didn’t have money to give her daughter for school but she told her not to worry. She said one day, she would become a lawyer and build her a big house.

“I’m devastated. I sent her to school alive and healthy to a place where I thought she was the safest but she’s coming home in a coffin,” said Gcinile.

Education spokesman Steve Mabona said: “The parent was immediately informed and the child rushed to hospital. The psychosocial unit was also dispatched to provide support to the school.”

At the time of going to print, the police had not yet responded with a comment.

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