Sangoma threatened to shrink my small 4-5 further


HE had a problem with his small 4-5 and felt humiliated during tlof tlof.

So he went to look for help. But this only added to his problems as his 4-5 became even smaller.

The 29-year-old from Phumula in Ekurhuleni said he was now looking for help from someone who’s certain about what they are doing.

He told Daily Sun his problem was so bad that women ran away after sex and some even made fun of him.

“It was depressing because these were people I thought I was in serious relationships with. They were just breaking my confidence,” he said.

The man said he told his mum about his problem in January and she suggested they visit a sangoma.

He said they visited a sangoma in Joburg and spent R2 500 on medication, but it didn’t work. Instead, the man’s 4-5 became smaller than it already was.

So the man went back to the sangoma.

“He got defensive and told me I was being disrespectful. He even threatened to shrink it further. I apologised and left,” said the man.

His 56-year-old mum said she regretted taking her son to the sangoma.

“I saw how sad he was and when I asked what was wrong, he’d tell me he’s fine.

“When he opened up to me, I wanted to do my best to bring his happiness back,” said the mum.

Sangoma Simosibucayi Mtshali said he’s been a sangoma for 20 years and no client had ever told him that his muthi didn’t work.

He said he chased the man out because he had a bad attitude.

The sangoma said he threatened to shrink the man’s 4-5, but it was out of anger.

He said he’d never do that to his clients no matter how disrespectful they were.

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