Residents claim cops give them hot klaps


WHEN residents of Umlazi, south of Durban, saw the men and women in blue on their streets, they were happy.

But their happiness was short-lived as they now feel the cops deployed in their area are abusive.

The now fed-up residents told Daily Sun the cops are allegedly giving innocent people and those who are out having a good time hot klaps, while thugs roam the streets.

One of the residents said she was with her friends at a local shisa nyama in R Section when cops in and out police uniform apparently stormed the venue.

“They started shouting and kicking people. This gave us a fright and we were shocked because we had hoped the cops were patrolling and looking for criminals, but they harassed us,” she said.

She said they allegedly kicked people around, including drunk defenceless women.

“We were so afraid that all we did was hide because we didn’t know why we were being attacked in such a brutal manner,” she said.

Another Umlazi resident said this was making them hate cops.

“Instead of them running after thugs and those who terrorise us, they are busy beating up people who hang around shisa nyamas.

“We can’t wait for them to leave our area because what they’ve come to do is beat people and not fight crime. I really don’t understand what they gain from beating people up in the streets and those who are peacefully chilling in shisa nyamas,” he said.

KZN police spokeswoman Constable Thenjisiwe Ngcobo said the complainants are advised to see the branch commander, who will be able to help them with their complaints.

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