REPO MAN tackles Bucs star over Vrrr-pha!

Photo: Supplied.
Photo: Supplied.

BEN Motshwari might be a soccer star but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have problems.

The Orlando Pirates midfielder has fallen behind on his monthly car payments.


The bank wants to repossess his flashy 2015 VW Golf 7 GTI R.

In court documents, seen by Daily Sun, the bank said the 31-year-old bought the car in 2015 for R609 628 at an interest rate of 5% per year.

According to the agreement he entered into with the bank, he was supposed to pay monthly instalments of just over R12 000 for the Vrrr Pha.

However, he didn’t make the payments and the bank started the legal process against him in March this year.

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The court documents read: “The defendant did not comply with his obligations in terms of the agreement.”

The documents show that Ben was served with a summons in May and showed no intention of defending his case.

Photo: Deryck Foste/BackpagePix/Gallo Images.
Photo: Deryck Foste/BackpagePix/Gallo Images.

“As a result of the defendant’s breach of the agreement, the plaintiff cancelled the agreement,” read the documents.

Law firm Smit Sewgoolam Incorporated, acting on behalf of the bank, sent a letter to Motshwari stating that he was in arrears and owed R65 428 on 4 March.

Another document reads: “The defendant had ample opportunity to settle the arrears or apply for forbearance plans before initiation of the litigation.”

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A draft order from the High Court in Joburg confirmed the cancellation of the agreement and ordered that the car be returned to the bank.

Ben told Daily Sun: “I don’t even drive a Golf. This was from three years ago. I am no longer using that car, I am now driving a BMW.”

A person who answered the phone at the law firm refused to give their name. They told the SunTeam that the lawyer dealing with the matter was not at work.

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