'My HUGE 4-5 can satisfy any woman'

This man from Soweto is looking for women he can give good sex to, at R150 for one round.
This man from Soweto is looking for women he can give good sex to, at R150 for one round.

THE 36-year-old man from Soweto, Joburg, wants women to give him money.

He said in return, he will give them the best sex they’ve ever had.

“Help me to become a sex worker so I can support my family,” pleads the guy.

“My love for punani and sex can work to my advantage.”

He is advising women not to get divorced. He said he was available to make their marriages and relationships work by giving them good sex.

“I am strong and fit and I can satisfy more than five women a day,” he said.

Clearly this man has no problem with confidence. He also told Daily Sun that he is a tiger in bed and his 4-5 is big enough to satisfy any woman.

“It’s not that I am proud to become a sex worker but the situation at home is difficult. I don’t work and I want to use my 4-5 and my bedroom skills to put food on the table for my family.

“I have had enough of struggling and I want to make a living and take good care of my family,” he said.

The father of three children is not married. He said the women he has had relationships with have complained about his sex addiction.

“I do a lot of exercises to keep fit. I don’t mind if my clients are married, divorced or even single because other women are starving for men like me under their sheets.

“I don’t care about their age as long they can pay me. I don’t care which race they are either.”

The man also said he is flexible and can go anywhere his clients need him.

He said he would charge R150 for one round and R700 for the whole night but he’s open to negotiate.

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