MUM'S mouth to mouth goes in vain

Ayanda Mngeni is heart-broken after her daughter Sibahle took her own life.   Photo by Lulekwa Mbadamane
Ayanda Mngeni is heart-broken after her daughter Sibahle took her own life.   Photo by Lulekwa Mbadamane

AYANDA Mngeni tried mouth to mouth in an attempt to resuscitate her daughter but it was too late.

This after she woke up to find Sibahle (14) hanging in their shack on Friday, 18 March.

The 49-year-old from Samora Machel, Cape Town, told Daily Sun she tried to lift her up so the rope did not continue to strangle her, but she was heavy.

“I screamed and my son came to help. Some women also arrived and helped to cut off the rope,” said Ayanda.

She then quickly started CPR and when it failed, she tried to mouth to mouth.

“It did not work because my daughter seemed to have died. Her neck was swollen.”

Ayanda said she found a letter from Sibahle, bidding her siblings and mother farewell.

“She wrote that we should not be stressed about her decision. Her pain came from the inside. The letter was taken by cops as part of investigations.”

She said before Sibahle died, she was heartbroken because her two friends had died.

One was stabbed while the other one died at school. She always talked about them. She had also not accepted her father’s death last year. “She talked a lot about these things.”

Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi said: “Upon arrival at Kosovo informal settlement, cops found the body of a girl who according to reports, died by suicide. An inquest for further investigation was registered.”

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