Motor sector employers provoke a national strike


Yet another possible national strike will hit Mzansi, this comes after employers in the motor sector have not made an offer to their employees. 

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) met with employers in the motor sector including the Retail Motor Industries (RMI) and the Fuel Retail Association (FRA) for wage negotiations under the auspices of the Motor Industries Bargaining Council (MIBCO).

This sector represents employees in components manufacturing companies, petrol stations, and car dealerships. 

NUMSA is demanding a 1-year agreement and a 12% across-the-board wage increase. 

NUMSA in a statement released by them yesterday states the management of the motor sector has still not made an offer with them regarding the demand for a wage increase. 

“Workers and their families are enduring extreme economic distress in South Africa. 

The cost of living is high. Food prices have skyrocketed, and workers are struggling to make ends meet. 

“A 12% increase will make the biggest difference, especially for those who are the lowest earners. We reject the narrative that members of the working class should accept poverty wages,” it reads. 

NUMSA also stated in the statement that they have had three rounds of wage talks with the bosses since March this year and in every engagement, they haven’t tabled an offer. 

“The agreement expires on the 30th of August, and it is obvious that employers are using delay tactics. They are pushing us into a corner with this behavior and we will be forced to strike. And when we embark on a strike, the very same employers, and the media, will blame workers for threatening the sector and the economy,” it further reads. 

NUMSA will be meeting with the bosses yet today and tomorrow, 3 August 2022 under the auspices of the Dispute Resolution Committee of MIBCO with the view of breaking the deadlock. 

NUMSA concluded that the strike can be avoided if they could get a meaningful engagement. 

NUMSA National spokesperson, Phakamile Hlubi-Majola, told Daily Sun that after the two-day meeting that started today, they are expecting to get an offer and get a proper engagement from the bosses as they still haven’t gotten an offer from them since March. 

“We are expecting them to put an offer on the table as they since haven’t given us an offer since our first meeting, and, they keep saying our demands are high, but they are not giving us an offer they can best give. 

“We also need them to engage us properly so that we have something better and tangible we can send back to our members, and we also need a double-digit increase,” she concluded. 

The Sun Team tried to get a hold of MIBCO and FRA representatives regarding this matter, but they were unavailable to give a comment. 


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