Man bust for fraud!


A 44-YEAR-OLD male suspect was arrested by the Joburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) for fraud and possession of a suspected stolen vehicle on Wednesday, 22 June.

JMPD spokesman Xolani Fihla said the officers were conducting a stop and search along Pritchard Street between Kruis and Von Brandis streets, when a JMPD inspector stopped a gold Toyota Camry.

“The inspector called for backup. Officers responded and while inspecting the vehicle, they suspected the license disc to be fraudulent. Further inquiries were conducted using the e-Natis system and it was discovered that the vehicle’s license disc had expired in June 2017,” Fihla said.

He said the license disc displayed on the vehicle stated that it was meant to expire at the end of June 2022 which was not true.

“The vehicle was seized and booked in at the SAPS Aeroton pound for further verification. The suspect was detained at Joburg Central SAPS and he is due to appear in court during the week,” Fihla said.

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