ALL hell broke loose at the memorial of a dad-of-three when his estranged relatives from his village allegedly invaded an event held to celebrate his life.

According to Punch, the widow of deceased Patrick Imongiere (52) was outraged when Patrick’s relatives arrived at the event centre in Lagos, Nigeria, last Thursday.

They were demanding that Patrick’s body be taken to his birth village to be buried in Edo State, about 300km away.

They were apparently also demanding that widow Magdalene Imongiere (48) be taken to the village, where she would have to marry one of her dead husband’s brothers.

Cops had to be called to end Thursday’s chaos, and the relatives from the village eventually agreed to leave.

Furious Magdalene told Punch: “My husband and I were married for 25 years. During this time, we had three boys.

 “After his death, I called his relatives to break the news to them. They said I should bring his dead body to the village and come with all the children.”

But Patrick had been very clear with Magdalene and his sons that he wanted nothing to do with his relatives in his village, and he did not want to be buried there. He hadn’t seen his brothers and other relatives for about 15 years, after falling out with them.

Magdalene said: “They are doing all this because of his property. They said they are aware that their brother had four houses and cars and it was not only his children that would take those things.”

Pastor Busola Jegede, who was leading the service during the chaos, said: “The deceased man left an instruction that he should not be taken to the village because of their diabolical ways. Now, the widow and the children want to bury their father, but the people from the village burst into the service of songs.”

An official of the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender, Olayinka Adeyemi said: “The widow should not be harassed. The idea that they want to marry her off in order to get the property cannot stand. The woman was legally married to the man in Lagos. So, I do not believe that any tradition will govern the estate of the man.”

Patrick’s cousin, Friday Eghene, who allegedly led those who disrupted the funeral, denied they were after Patrick’s property.

He said they just wanted to find out how Patrick died.

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