MOURNERS were faced with further horror after an ex-wife refused to have her husband’s coffin in her house.

To make matters worse, there were no other houses it could go to and it was raining.

According to iHarare, last week villagers from Wedza in eastern Zimbabwe were preparing to bury Dominic Makoreke. They were planning a night vigil and had brought his body in a coffin to his hut.

His ex-wife named only as Betty refused to allow the coffin and mourners into the hut.

Apparently Dominic had divorced her a while ago but had not built a new hut for him and his second wife.

Instead, Betty had moved out.

Clearly she had now returned to reclaim her old home.

Said one mourner: “We were forced to find ways to protect the coffin since it was raining and all mourners were humiliated as we looked helpless outside the hut.”

He added that it was a lesson to do the right thing and build a new house once a relationship breaks up.

Village head Jomaya Albert Mangwena reportedly condemned Betty for going against traditional custom and not allowing the coffin inside.

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