SOVIET: 1 year of work and no pay from ANC

Soviet Lekganyane said they’ve been running a clean campaign.        Photo from Facebook
Soviet Lekganyane said they’ve been running a clean campaign. Photo from Facebook

SOVIET Lekganyane has poured cold water on allegations that he was hell-bent on sabotaging the upcoming party elective.

Lekganyane, provincial ANC Limpopo secretary, told Daily Sun as secretary in charge of organising the conference and at the forefront of making it a success, he would not be the one to sabotage it.

He was reacting to persistent rumors that he was planning to interdict the conference to elect new leadership ahead of the December national conference.

Lekganyane said it might be the fears of members from branches where disputes were being attended to by the national dispute resolution committee. “I have been working for the ANC since last year May without pay. Where will I even get the money to go to court? We have been running a clean campaign,” he said.

He said those spreading rumours are people who are afraid they have done wrong in branch meetings and anything that has been done wrong will not be hidden.

Lekganyane will be contesting for secretary in a slate going against a slate of current chairman Stan Mathabatha, who has the backing of influential Danny Msiza. Msiza has withdrawn due to the step-aside rule.

The Mathabatha slate also has the backing of the all powerful Peter Mokaba Region where Lekganyane allegedly said some branches were unlawfully constituted. Lekganyane said this isn’t true as he is from the same region and has been nominated by one of the branches.

“If there are disputes in Peter Mokaba they must be addressed,” he said. “A person that convened a bogus conference will have sleepless nights. It’s about a secretary who wants to present a clean, successful conference.”

He said the province should avoid hosting a conference that will be declared null and void due to bogus branches. He said the province has set down 3 to 5 June for the conference but they’ll wait for the go-ahead from the resolution committee.

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