Jealous man shoots ex, mum - gogo dies of heart attack


HER ex-boyfriend was jealous that she had moved on and even got engaged to her new lover.

On 11 June, he went to Angela Maleke’s home and allegedly shot her.

When she heard her daughter screaming, Angela’s mum came to help and the crazed man allegedly shot her too, under her right breast.

Thinking the two women were dead, Chapule Tlatsi (39), then turned the gun on himself. He died instantly.

However, Angela (23) and Kate (49), from Duduza, in Ekurhuleni, survived the ordeal.

They were rushed to hospital, where it was found the bullets did not damage any vital organs.

Kate was discharged on Tuesday, 14 June and Angela on Sunday.

Both women are happy to be still alive.

Angela told Daily Sun she only dated Chapule, an ex-convict, for six months before leaving him because he was abusive.

“I didn’t think he would come back to do what he did as I heard he had found another woman,” she said.

Tragically, Angela’s gogo Johanna (75) died of a heart attack after she was told about the shooting. She will be buried on Saturday, 25 June.

Sergeant Harry Manaka said police were informed of the incident and rushed to the scene.

They were told Chapule came to the yard to talk to Angela. He apparently became upset when she didn’t want to speak to him.

“He shot her once in the chest and shot her mum on the right side of her stomach area. He then turned the gun on himself,” Manaka said.

Police found a 9mm firearm, with the serial numbers filed off and six rounds of ammunition next to the body.

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