GRIEVING MUM: His spirit must haunt killers


THE GRIEVING mum says her son didn’t deserve to be killed like a dog.

But murderous residents clearly thought otherwise after allegedly tying him to a tree before dousing him with ice water.

They then sjambokked and shocked the mentally changed boy with a car battery as they were claiming he has stole a tap.

After the assault, residents of Mapetla, Soweto, dumped Kutlwano Kasibe next to a road, where his mum was called to on Saturday, 18 June. She found him and his father rushed him to hospital, where he died.

Mum Dorah (35) told Daily Sun she last saw him two days before his death as she was attending a ritual.

“When I got a call that my son was being assaulted, I rushed to the scene. I still can’t believe what I saw.

“In pain, Kutlwano called for my help. He was only wearing his underwear, swollen, bleeding and shaking. Residents were just standing there while others were leaving.”

Dorah said everyone knew Kutlwano was mentally challenged.

SADDENED: Dorah Kasibe could not hold back her tears as she recalled the state her son, Kutlwano (left), was found in after being beaten and tied to a tree (below). Photo by Morapedi Mashashe

“He was not a thief, but they killed him like a dog. My child didn’t deserve it. The very same community that had to protect him against harm because he was mentally incapable took his life,” she said.

Aunt Tozi (39) said Kutlwano was attending a special school.

“He had big dreams and wanted to build a house for his mum and buy a sports car. He loved walking the streets at night with friends, but he was never troublesome.”

A resident said a family blew the whistle at 6am to alert residents of a thug.

“When I got to the scene, he was being beaten with sjamboks and women were kicking him. It was disturbing because many of us know he was mentally challenged. He was not even caught with anything that was stolen. Rumours circulated, claiming he smoked nyaope and was caught trying to steal a tap.”

Daily Sun has seen messages and voice notes shared in a WhatsApp group belonging to residents. In some of them, they admitted to assaulting Kutlwano. They said the intention was to instil discipline.

One message read: “As parents, neighbours and the community, our aim was to discipline him, not knowing that he will die. Pointing fingers at each other won’t bring him back.”

Another one read: “The boy was disciplined accordingly. He was disciplined like any other criminal. The intention was not to kill but unfortunately, he died. He was not brutally murdered. He was disciplined like any other nyaope boy.”

In another one, residents suggested to each contribute R100 towards his burial.

However, Dorah said they didn’t want contributions even though they were struggling because it would not bring Kutlwano back.

“I pray for justice and that my son’s spirit haunts those who took his life,” she said.

Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo said the police were following up on leads.

“A case of murder has been opened and no arrests have yet been made,” he said.

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