Evil moruti raped me in church!


SHE went to church seeking healing, but was instead raped.

The moruti raped her in the church and told her to come back later to collect R10 000.

But the 41-year-old woman from Slovo in Springs said the moruti’s offer – hush money after raping her – added insult to injury.

She opened a case of rape on Thursday and the 60-year-old pastor was arrested.

Captain Johannes Ramphora said the suspect was expected to appear in court soon.

The single woman said she came to church for blessings as she was struggling to get a job and things weren’t going right in her life.

She said the pastor gave her a holy mixture in a bowl to bath with and wash away bad luck in a room inside the church.

But the horny pastor barged into the room.

“He penetrated me without a condom. I was so angry and felt very dirty.”

“He unzipped his trousers and told me he had to have sex with me as part of the healing,” she said.

“He pushed me down on the floor and forced my legs open.

“He penetrated me without a condom. I was so angry and felt very dirty.”

She said he’s a respected man.

Captain Ramphora confirmed the incident.

“The victim told us the pastor came back and closed the door,” said Ramphora.

“She said he told her that her problems will go away after sex and penetrated her even though she was crying.

“He allegedly told her to clean herself up and come back later to get R10 000.”

Ramphora said the woman was rushed to hospital.

A rape case was opened at the Springs Police Station.

CRL Rights Commission spokesman, Mpiyakhe Mkholo, said they’d support the police.

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