SPONSORED: Royal drama in The Throne

The Throne on Mzansi Magic!
The Throne on Mzansi Magic!

If it’s linked to royalty, it’s going to be popular – that’s common knowledge. And that exact fight for control of the Kwenang kingdom is what drives the action on Mzansi Magic telenovela The Throne.

But it’s more than just the crown that’s at stake, explains the channel: “There are businesses that sustain life in the kingdom as well as the royal family’s way of living. The family outcast wants back in when we start – and he’s going to use his ties to the Kwena family to get his way. He has been on the outskirts for years and it’s time now for him to rise to the top.” It’s not going to be easy, because just like evil ex-prince Moseki (Don Mlangeni), his sister Odirile (Tsholo Matshaba) wants the crown. “She’s jealous and has been sitting on the sideline in silence,” warns the actress. Two feuding royals who want to see their older sister Queen Mosadi (Monnye Kunupi) off the throne? Sounds like the start of trouble…

Crimes for the crown

Besides Moseki lying about new mineral deposits to sway the council in his favour, there’s going to be murder. “There’s no shortage of things going on. Even the queen, while trying to stay honest, she will dip her hands into a velvet bag of sins,” explains Monnye. “There’s a web of lies, backstabbing, betrayal, murder… the list is endless.” Mosadi and her advisors can see Moseki’s attack coming, but Odirile is like a viper, lying in wait in the shadows for the right moment to strike. She doesn’t see it until it’s too late and even then, Odirile somehow gets away with it. She literally gets away with murder. “She’s a killer at heart. She’s lethal and will go to great lengths to get what she wants,” explains Tsholo. Murder even? You betcha!

Family matters

What adds to the drama is the fact that each character has something else going on in the background. Queen Mosadi, for example, is hiding a serious illness from her children while trying to decide not only on a successor, but also an excuse to step down that won’t panic her subjects. “And she’s alone in the world,” teases Monnye. “She hasn’t had a husband for many, many years. The reigning queen isn’t allowed to be married as such. She has a ‘husband’ in the sense that she has someone to give her children, not help her rule. That’s the queen’s job – running the kingdom and sitting on The Throne.”

Stream The Throne on DStv Now, and binge it when it comes to  Showmax in July.

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