Clint Brink and wife Steffi
Clint Brink and wife Steffi

R&B crooner and actor Clint Brink is in 7th heaven as he celebrates his wife whom he says is from God.

The star took to social media to wish her a happy birthday.

He wrote:“I prayed for God to answer my prayers. He then sent me my wife - Happiest of birthdays to my better half.

"You are a blessing to all who have the privilege to share space & time with you.

"A truth seeker. A go getter. A prayer warrior. A faithful believer. Fearless. My all or nothing woman. 

"There is only greatness that awaits you in your walk of Life. I am honoured and proud to be your husband and share this life with you.

"Here's to many many more beautiful birthdays and bucket list moments. I love you endlessly” 

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