Cedric Fourie and LaSizwe.
Photo: Instagram
Cedric Fourie and LaSizwe. Photo: Instagram

Actor Cedric Fourie has criticised the “bitter women” who called him a “waste” after he was pictured with YouTube sensation LaSizwe at the Feather Awards last week.

The Skeem Saam star walked the pink carpet with LaSizwe and pictures of the pair went on to cause a stir on social media when they surfaced.

The pictures left tongues wagging on social media with some people expressing their disappointment at Cedric “being gay” and calling him “a waste.”

Fed up with the hate, Cedric took to social media to give the homophobes a piece of his mind.

“This experience has taught me a lot,” he wrote on Twitter, “Gay men are being called “waste” by some bitter women who’ve just realized they’ll never have them. As if they’d have them if they were not gay. I will never stop being an ally to the LGBTQI+ community ninyile.”

In another tweet, Cedric pointed out how LGBTQI+ community live in fear just because of their sexual orientation.

“Imagine some women/men calling my son a “waste” one day should he be gay (because he’s flame as it is) people need to be reminded that there  are people who get killed for being who they are, imagine! Then y’all want to bad mouth the LGBTQI+ community.”


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