EFF angered by cellphone ‘smuggled’ to Hillary Gardee murder suspect!

Philemon Lukhele and his two co-accused face murder charges. Inset: Hillary Gardee, who was murdered.
Philemon Lukhele and his two co-accused face murder charges. Inset: Hillary Gardee, who was murdered.

EFF has called for the arrest of the correctional services officer who allegedly smuggled a cellphone for one of the Hillary Gardee murder suspects, Philemon Lukhele.

This comes after Lukhele was found in possession of a cellphone inside the correctional facility where he’s detained.

EFF spokesman Sinawo Thambo said in a statement, “It is unclear how long he has had this cell phone for, while in prison and what nefarious reason he has used it for, which would likely compromise the case against him.

“The fact that Lukhele had this cell phone, is nothing but a clear indication that the state is complicit, and is actively aiding and abetting a detained criminal, in order for him to subvert justice.

“The fact that it has taken overwhelming public pressure for the Department to issue a statement three-days after this phone was found, reveals nothing but a concerted effort to cover up the corruption that characterises our prison system.”

Thambo added, “Of more concern, are the reports that the phone Lukhele had while in prison, was bought and smuggled through correctional service officials to him, by a member of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA).”

Thambo alleged that Lukhele used his political connections in the ruling party and influence in the province, which he has amassed as an employee of the legislature, to gain access to privileges that make a mockery of the justice system and the pain of the Gardee family.

“The EFF calls for the immediate investigation and sanctions on all those involved, not only through a pretentious internal disciplinary proceeding ran by a compromised Department, but through public prosecution and ultimately arrest.

“Corruption in correctional facilities, fatally undermines the character of these institutions as places that should ensure that those who break the law are consequenced and rehabilitated.”


He said that all those found to have made calls to, and received calls from this contraband phone, as well as those who received and sent WhatsApp and sms texts, including the legal team of accused, should answer to these nefarious activities which constitute a defeating of the ends of justice.

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