DEAD mum loves my ex-girlfriend!


PETROS Chauke dated a woman for four years and was planning to marry her.

He had introduced her to his mum, who liked her and was happy for them.

But the mum died in 2019, and Petros broke up with his girlfriend a year later. Now he is struggling to keep a girlfriend because of his dead mum.

“I started having dreams about my angry mum. They all feel real, as if she’s near me telling me to stop being promiscuous,” said Petros.

The 36-year-old from Actonville, Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun he started having unnecessary fights with girlfriends after the dreams and has broken up with 16 since then. He said he even thought of going back to his ex, but heard she was engaged.

Petros tried to sprinkle salt around his bedroom and outside the house, but his mum keeps coming back.

“I have a girlfriend I love and want to build a relationship. But I can’t do that with my mum making us fight.”

Daily Sun spoke to the girlfriend. She said she had been in bad relationships before and was tired of hopping from one to another.

“I can’t let a dead woman tell us about our destiny. She needs to rest in peace. We need Sun Readers to help us stop my dead mamazala from fiddling with our relationship,” she said.

Sangoma Dungamanzi said the couple should go to the grave and beg her to accept the relationship. “It also appears there’s a small ritual he needs to do for his mum,” said Dungamanzi.

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