CHURCH HORROR: ‘Illuminati, money and fame’

Des Lash said his career went south after refusing to sacrifice his mum or son to have more money (inset).
Des Lash said his career went south after refusing to sacrifice his mum or son to have more money (inset).

WHEN Des Lash joined a church in 2017, he was promised fame, wealth and power.

But the 35-year-old kwaito artist, who lives in Maboneng in the Joburg CBD, was sceptical until he saw some familiar faces and celebrities. Des lash, real name Du Toit Elvis Shongwe, told Daily Sun that there was an initiation process before joining.

“There are rituals one needs to perform in the river and you must visit the sacred place every week,” he said.

He said everything was fine for a year until he was asked to sacrifice either his mum or son in 2019.

“I refused. They said if I sacrifice my mum or son, I’ll be more powerful. When you join the illuminati, you lose everything you had and gain money, power and fame,” he claimed, adding things started going south.

“None of my five cars worked. I lost my home and cars, and my baby mama left.”

He said he had rings from the church to always carry, and little bags.

Des Lash said he had been to 24 izangoma, and they could not help.

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Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said whoever recruited Des Lash used ancestral power.

“That’s why this thing follows him whenever he goes. It is a mamlambo.”

Bishop Patrick Chauke offered to help Des Lash and said it was an evil spirit.

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