PICS: Birthday celebration of the DEAD shocks Mzansi


A BIRTHDAY celebration for the dead has left Mzansi shocked! 

Pictures of what many would call disturbing have been making rounds on social media, leaving South Africans angry. 

They believe that the dead should be left to rest in peace and such celebrations are to boost egos!

In other countries, such as Indonesia, they dig up their mummified relatives every three years, clean them up and dress them in their favourite clothes to honour their spirits.

Mzansi people think this is wrong and shouldn’t even be a trend. 

“If you want to celebrate a life of a dead person, do that without digging them up.

Family members are seen having a celebration and posing with a relative who has died.

“This is disturbing to the dead and traumatising to the living. It just doesn’t make sense to me,” said Hloni Magwaza. 

Linda Sibande said whoever organises such is doing it to boost their egos. 

She said if one wanted to celebrate a person’s life, they would have done it while the person was still alive. 

“It’s like you’re trying to ease your guilty conscious,” said Linda. 

Aaron Mahlangu said people were too hungry for attention these days and this didn’t shock him at all. 

“Everyday there’s someone doing something ridiculous for likes.

“Whoever does this is clearly out of their minds and I hope that they get haunted,” said Aaron. 

Mimi Ngema said she loves her mum with her heart and soul but she’d never do this. 

“My mum would probably haunt me before I even dig her up. It’s disturbing the dead,” said Mimi. 

Family members are seen having a celebration and posing with a relative who has died.

Kegan Moonsammy said this looks scary but it’s not something that he’d completely dismiss. 

“I wouldn’t be mad if my family did this for me but I know that I wouldn’t do these kind of celebrations for my family.

“It looks traumatic but I guess they have valid reasons of why they are doing such,” said Kegan. 

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