ANDIZI, I won't become a SANGOMA!


“COME hell or high water, I’m not becoming a sangoma.”

These were the words of a 38-year-old woman from Diepkloof, Soweto, who said she was going through spiritual battles.

The mum of two said her problems started in 2012 when she suddenly became sick and doctors couldn’t diagnose her.

“My marriage fell apart and I lost my job. Since then, I have had two car accidents and moved back home. I have been in and out of relationships because men don’t stay long after we have sex,” she said.

The woman said a stranger in a taxi told her that her ancestors were trying to reach her. “I was furious at the man. I was raised a devoted Christian and I go to church. My father died a pastor,” she said.

The woman said she later met two izangoma, who told her she had a calling.

One of them even offered to help but she refused.

“I don’t discriminate against other beliefs but it’s not my path. I don’t want to become a sangoma. However, I need help to fix my life,” she said.

The woman’s mum said: “We are devoted churchgoers but I will always support her in whatever path she chooses because I love her.”

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said the woman couldn’t run from her calling and nothing would work out for her if she didn’t take action.

“There’s no shame in becoming a sangoma and still going to church. After her initiation process, she can return to church and pursue both.”

Prophet Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng said the woman needed a pastor who is gifted with healing and miracle.

He said: “The ancestral calling is in her blood, it’s not by choice but she can fight it. It’s not easy but she needs to fight to come out of it and be born again.

“She needs transformation, new covenant and break the ancestral spirit in order to serve God fully.

“If not, the spirit will never leave her until she dies,” said Mboro.

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