Man claims MY girlfriend's pregnant with his child.


Dear MizzBMY girlfriend is five months pregnant and there’s a guy who claims to be the father.

What’s even worse is that my girlfriend seems unsure of who the father is.

I was planning to pay lobola for her next month, but now I’ve lost interest in her. How do I make her pay back all the money I’ve spent on her since the pregnancy?

  • Brothas

Dear Brothas

It’s understandable that you feel hurt and disappointed.

Yes, the possibility of you not being the baby’s father is there. But you shouldn’t ignore the fact that you might still be the father.

When emotions run high, avoid making rash decisions.

Paternity tests will help clarify the misunderstanding once the baby is born.

If being distant from her will give you peace of mind, rather do that and avoid harming her. All the best!

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