You can keep the tattooed skin of a loved one when they die

(Image: Save My Ink Forever)
(Image: Save My Ink Forever)

Most people's tattoos hold a sentimental value and their loved ones can keep the tatted skin if they die. 

According to 9News, Michael Sherwood and his son Kyle are morticians who remove tattooed skin from a deceased loved one so their family has an everlasting memory of them.

A few years ago, Michael Sherwood and his son Kyle were having drinks with their friends when they started talking about tattoos and what they mean to people and one of his dad's friends told them he would like his tattoo to be preserved.


"Being the guys our friends come to with death-related questions, we kind of laughed about it at first. But the friend pushed the matter and it got Mr. Sherwood, a third-generation practitioner, thinking."

"With the art in tattoos and how much they mean to people, why not keep them after they die?" Kyle told 9News.

The duo now has a business that offers people the opportunity to have their ink preserved as artwork after they pass away.

"We are helping families and fulfilling their last wishes," Kyle said.

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