Why women THRIVE after getting a DIVORCE

Divorced musician Nhlanhla Nciza. Photo from Instagram
Divorced musician Nhlanhla Nciza. Photo from Instagram

THE current burning question among South Africans is: Why do women thrive after getting a divorce?

This comes after they have publicly witnessed some celebrity marriages ending in divorce.

According to Stats SA, it was revealed that the South African divorce rate (17,6%) is low by world standards but almost one in five marriages end up in divorce.

The report further stated that the most vulnerable time for a divorce is between five and nine years of marriage, unfortunately a time when there may be young children involved.

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A Twitter user by the name of Motla decided to take on the big question to the social media streets to have users give their take and they did not disappoint.

“Most women thrive after divorce. Why is that?” she posted on Twitter.

Lungelo Mazibuko responded by saying: “I personally think it’s because women value marriage more than men before they ever get married. Then they realise that marriage is not everything they thought it was. So after the divorce, they will only then start to appreciate the single life they once thought was a bad thing.”

A study by Kingston University meant to analyse the negative impact of trauma on men and women came up with some surprising findings about divorce and women.

In the study, researchers surveyed 10 000 people in the between the ages of 16 and 60 in the UK.

In the survey, participants were asked to rate their happiness before and after their divorce.

During a 20-year period, researchers found that women were happier and more satisfied with their lives after divorce.

“In the study we took into account the fact that divorce can sometimes have a negative financial impact on women but despite that, it still makes them much happier than men,” said Professor Yannis Georgellis, the director of the Center for Research in Employment, Skills and Society (CRESS) at Kingston Business School.

The research suggested that women are more likely than men to seek help for the emotional trauma caused by divorce from a therapist family member or, friend and they surround themselves with a powerful support system.

While men look outward when seeking comfort from emotional pain, women look inward. They take an internal inventory of the role they played in the demise of the marriage, they work at getting their emotional “ducks in a row” and letting go of the past so they can focus on the future.

According to Liveabout.com here are three reasons why women file for divorce:

1. She has been abandoned and left with no recourse but to file for a divorce

2. Her husband suffers a mid-life crisis and endangers her financial security

3. Her husband is abusive and she is protecting herself

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