Why South Africans love booze

Photo by Getty Images
Photo by Getty Images

IT’S a Phuza Thursday with a difference today.

On Wednesday night, 11 November, the president relaxed alcohol restrictions, meaning alcohol can be bought every day of the week.

While the country still remains on lockdown alert level 1, fellow South Africans woke up to the reality that booze can be brought and consumed every single day.

South Africa is among the top five countries in the world that have the highest consumption of absolute alcohol per drinker per year, the second highest category of harmful patterns of drinking and the highest category for past year heavy episodic drinking.

The liquor industry’s manufacturing operations and capital expenditure are responsible for about R94,2 billion (or 4,4%) of South Africa’s gross domestic product. Furthermore, the wine industry alone contributes R26,2 billion to the GDP.

Simply put, the alcohol industry generates staggering amounts of money and guess who contributes towards that.

Can I rest my case?

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