Why spring is the best time to have sex?

Sex Magic
Sex Magic

IT’S Spring time and nature has started showing off her beautiful colours.

As the sun becomes more apparent and birds begin to sing, our sexual appetite like Spring comes alive and according to experts, this is the season to have the best sex.

Here’s why:

Winter automatically is deemed to be the ideal season to have sex because of its cold weather patterns.

Autumn tends to fall within the same season bracket as winter, and summer is just one ball of hotness.

According to experts, right now is the ideal time to have the best sex because according to our bodies, this is when we are at our horniest.

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According to psychologist Danielle Forshee, Spring is the catalyst for sensuality.

“Ever since the Spring equinox, the days have been getting longer.

More exposure to sunlight increases our production of serotonin, neurotransmitter that boosts mood.”

So, if like Pharrell, being happy equals being horny.

Furthermore, experts believe that wearing less clothing also contributes to one feeling sexy and in the mood.

Like birds’ mate in spring, humans become friskier this time of the year.

Somatic psychologist and sex therapist, Holly Richmond, agrees that most of his clients seek new relationships in Spring.

So let us blossom sexually this Spring.

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