Why is COFFEE great for sex?

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IT IS the world’s second most consumed beverage next to water.

Some deem it the greatest “pick-me-up” and the best overnight companion.

Whatever your reasons, coffee has become part of our lives and without it, experts agree that one can feel a bit cranky if one misses that daily dosage of caffeine.

Now, while coffee has been proven to have some impact on our health, new research suggests that like the rising sun in the East, coffee brings about a sexual rise within humans – especially in males.

According to prominent medical magazine Mdlinx, experts suggest that caffeine or coffee triggers a pharmacologic cascade that results in relaxation of cavernous smooth muscle, which helps with erectile dysfunction.

Furthermore, coffee is rich in erection-friendly polyphenols, and can possibly pump up testosterone concentrations, enhancing blood flow to the penis.

Lifestyle magazine Bustle further provides more sexual benefits that come with consuming coffee.


Researchers have found that coffee makes women hornier.

By increasing blood flow to the genitals, science believes that women who drink caffeine even once a week can have an increased sex drive.

Furthermore, experts agree that coffee boosts one’s stamina.

The New York Times reported that scientists and many athletes have known for years that a cup of coffee before a workout jolts athletic performance, especially in endurance sports like distance running, cycling – and don’t forget sex.

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