Why drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is a bad idea!

Drinking beer on an empty stomach is a bad idea
Drinking beer on an empty stomach is a bad idea

THE responsible consumption of alcohol is always a burning issue. 

Many social experts believe that the relationship that people tend to have with alcohol is often toxic. 

According to South African statistics, more than 41,5% of men and 17,1% of women consume alcohol. Of those, 7,5% and 31,5% of South Africans have an alcohol problem or are at risk of developing one.

The per capita consumption of alcohol in South Africa is 11 litres, which is one of the highest in Africa and the world. 

Part of the reason we can’t handle our alcohol is that we consume it on an empty stomach.

Yes, according to medical experts, drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is a bad idea.

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According to Health-line magazine, everyone absorbs alcohol at a different rate. 

Women, young people, and people who are smaller tend to absorb alcohol more quickly than men and people who are older and larger in body size.

Your liver’s health will also affect the rate at which your body processes alcohol, but eating also plays an important role in how your body handles alcohol.

Alcohol is most quickly absorbed by the small intestine. 

The longer alcohol stays in the stomach, the slower it is absorbed and the slower it affects the body.

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According to food experts, food prevents alcohol from passing quickly into your small intestine. 

When there is food in your stomach before drinking, alcohol is absorbed more slowly.

When you drink on an empty stomach, however, much of the alcohol you drink passes quickly from the stomach into the small intestine, where most of it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

This then intensifies all the side effects of drinking, such as your ability to think and co-ordinate your body movements. 

Experts warn that light to moderate drinking on an empty stomach may not be a major cause for concern but drinking large amounts of alcohol fast on an empty stomach can be very dangerous.

An inability to think clearly or move your body safely can cause serious harm, leading to injury or death in extreme cases.

Experts advise that one should eat at least an hour before drinking if you plan on consuming more than one drink in a sitting position. Don’t drink more than one standard drink per hour and know your limits.

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