Why PREGNANT women have high libido

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Many medical experts describe the journey of pregnancy as a “beautiful nightmare” at times.

From the seesaw of hormones to the cocktail of cravings, pregnancy can be one roller-coaster ride.

Another one of these beautiful complexities that come with pregnancy is the sexual cravings.

Yes, according to sexologists, women tend to become hornier during their pregnancy.

According to Health-Line magazine, many women experience an increased libido late in the first trimester and in the second.

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Along with this increased libido comes increased vaginal lubrication and a hypersensitive clitoris due to extra genital blood flow.

According to experts, sex during this phase in the pregnancy is a great way to stay mentally, emotionally, and physically connected.

The magazine further reveals that women during pregnancy will have more sensitive breasts and an increased blood flow. With pregnancy comes an increase in blood flow, especially to the sexual organs, breasts, and vulva.

With that increased blood flow comes easier arousal and increased sensitivity. It also often results in a more pleasurable sexual experience.

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Experts say you shouldn’t be surprised if you have some leakage from your nipples.

Your body is changing rapidly, so don’t let these new changes alarm you. Instead, embrace them and your increased sexual appetite!

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