What men want in a relationship

Umjolo and Sex talks what men really look for in relationships this week.Photo by
Umjolo and Sex talks what men really look for in relationships this week.Photo by

DOES anyone actually know what men want in a relationship?

This week on Mzansi’s sexiest podcast Umjolo and Sex, hosts Mlungisi Mpela and Gomie Seabi sit down with a sex expert to unpack this.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Gomie said: “Although this week’s story is dedicated to the gents, we’re not sidelining the ladies as it will be insightful for them, too.”

The presenter said every man is different, so what men want varies from person to person.

“Although it varies, I believe men want to be loved and respected when they commit to a relationship,” she said.

“To ensure that you’re on the same page as your partner in terms of your needs and wants, communication is key as it will eliminate a lot of unwanted problems.”

Gomie said fulfilling a man’s needs doesn’t mean a woman had to be submissive. It’s all about understanding, respect and boundaries.

Mlungisi agreed, saying men want simple things.

“They mainly want affirmation and recognition. But our expert will unpack this further and give us a list of what men want most. I believe our listeners will find all of these insights interesting,” he said.

Mlungisi said many people assume men want different things from different partners.

“That might not be true. What men want essentially doesn’t change.

“It tends to get lost in translation because most men are not good at articulating what they want.”

He said men would also find out what they could do to be better partners to their other halves.

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