What is cellphone cloning?


RESEARCH around the world has highlighted that in modern society, people cannot fully function without their cellphones.

This because our lives have been configured around these devices, making them part and parcel of our existence.

So, is it possible that these bosom devices can, like genetics, mutate or even replicate?

In other words, can your phone become two in one?

This, according to tech experts, is possible through a concept called cellphone cloning.

According to Lifewire, this is copying the data and identity of one phone to another.

Cloning can either be a back-up of the entire phone or just key identifiers of your phone.

According to experts, copying identifying data is generally illegal.

But despite the technical and legal issues, people do it for a handful of reasons, with the most common being to retain features of a phone or share it with someone in their household without paying for a second line.

Copying and transferring that data may be frowned upon by your carrier or phone manufacturer, and may violate terms of service or end-user licence agreements, but it is usually difficult for entities to track.

Should you want to clone your phone, one should back up their Android device using Android back-up tools or system back-up, or iOS device using iCloud.

They should also back up specific data they’re concerned about losing such as family photos, on a separate service.

If all you want to do is keep a complete version of the data on your phone, you can use these to load it onto a new device. One tech experts calls it “cellphone mutation”.

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