WATCH: Woman born with two punanis opens up!


A WOMAN from Arizona, who has two vaginas, has opened up about her rare condition on TikTok.

Leanne Bell (37) said she was getting two periods and could get pregnant with two children at once, one in each uterus.

She was born with uterus didelphys – an abnormality in which a developing baby girl grows two uteruses instead.

“My body is about to blow your mind, in a weird way. Essentially, I was born with extra body parts – extra female body parts,” she said.


“I was born with two vaginas, two uteruses, and two cervixes. I have to have my two periods, that sucks,” she continued.

“They’re usually at the same time, but sometimes not. I also have to get two pap smears, which sucks. It’s not comfortable. I wear two tampons, yes. Like I said, whatever one woman does, I do it twice.”

In a previous video, Leanne detailed how painful her periods would be and that she sought treatment from her gynecologist for severe cramping before finding out that she had two uteruses.

“The pain is excruciating. They put me on pain medication, but it made me feel so sick and didn’t end up working. I dread that time of the month so much. I know a lot of women do. It’s just those few days, in the beginning, I spend in bed. It just feels like I am wasting my life.”

According to the website Healthline, a double uterus was a rare abnormality that developed when a baby girl was in her mother’s womb. Every uterus started as two small tubes called Mullerian ducts. As they began to develop, they usually fused to form one uterus.

But in rare cases, the tubes remained separate and became two uteri. Sometimes, there was only one cervix for both wombs while other times each womb had a cervix.

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