TOP 5 protective hairstyle for black girls


Protective hair styling is important for maintaining healthy hair, avoiding breakage, and maintaining length. Also “Protective” styling does not mean covering up. And just because you’re “hiding” your ends from the big, bad (dry!) world…doesn’t mean you’re personal flair gets thrown under the rug as well.


1. The Bun

I do the bun all the time. Some people say they don't like how they look with the bun on but it all about choice. You can either wear you bun on top or to the back of your head. Never forget to moisturize it first as well before and after you get your but tied and pinned if you pin. Also becareful not to have your hair in the same place for a long time/all time as this might result in damage and breakage. 

2. Box Braids

Twist them over to one side, wear them loose, throw them back in a ponytail or weave them into a bun… There’s nothing you can’t do with the right box braids and even worn casually, they are beautiful to look at.

3. Wig/ Weaves

I have become a regular wig wearer and that has helped me with taking care of my hair underneath. A plus with wigs is you can still take it off at the end of the day when you get home. 

4. Braided Cornrows

An African style of wearing your hair just as the name suggests, braided cornrows are long-lasting braids, offering a way for you to have fabulous hair when time just isn’t on your side.

5. Faux Locs

Faux locs are versatile, fun, and generally fabulous, plus, just about anyone can wear them. With the likes of Rihanna making them increasingly popular over the years, it’s not hard to see why. Faux locs can be both temporary and permanent, giving you a beautiful way to protect your hair, the yarn or synthetic material woven around it.

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