Bae says she pretends to be 'enjoying' just to make me happy


Dear MizzB

I found chats between my girlfriend and her friend.

She was talking about how small my penis is and that sometimes she pretends to be enjoying sex just to make me happy. How can I make my 4-5 bigger?

  • Brothas

Dear Brothas

As it is said: “Different strokes for different folks.” People prefer different things when it comes to sex. Your girlfriend was supposed to have a conversation with you instead of talking to her friend. Penis enlargement has by far not been proven to be effective.

There is a risk involved with every procedure, so ask yourself, what if it gets too big?

What if your girlfriend dumps you? What if it gets damaged? Do not change yourself just because you want to please your girlfriend. There are ways to explore that can satisfy both of you. Talk about it openly and together find a way forward. All the best!

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