The 3 benefits of sleeping NAKED!

Sleeping naked can make you lose weight.
Sleeping naked can make you lose weight.

DO YOU want to hear the naked truth – a truth so naked it makes being in a birthday suit feel like you’re fully clothed?

Then the only way to do this is if your name is Nakedi.

Besides witty wordplay, allow me bring to your attention the naked truth about sleeping in your birthday suit.

I’m not referring to the moment after you’ve had some bedroom action. I’m referring to boarding a flight to dreamland every single day.

According to health experts, there are a lot of medical benefits to sleeping naked.

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They say sleeping naked is pretty easy, and that it might be time to strip down and get your snooze on.

Let’s strip down some of these benefits:

You fall asleep quicker

According to experts, your body temperature is one key to how you fall asleep. It’s a biological rhythm that acts as your body’s “clock” for sleep.

Cooling down tells your body that it’s time to sleep, so sleeping naked and allowing your body temperature to go down can actually help you fall asleep faster.

Prevents weight gain

A recent study following five men discovered that exposure to cooler temperatures – about 19°C – helped their bodies increase brown fat activity. Simply put, exposing your body allows you to burn more calories.

Good for your punani

Sleeping naked is also a great way to increase vaginal health and avoid yeast infections. Tight-fitting or sweaty underwear can increase risk of vaginal yeast infection since yeast likes to grow in warm, moist places.

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