PICS: Women who rock their GREY HAIR with pride

Photo Cred: Connie Ferguson's Instagram
Photo Cred: Connie Ferguson's Instagram

As we get older we realize that we get certain changes that sometimes we didn't even predict the age we would get them at. I noticed that I am starting to get wrinkles around my eyes when I laugh and it's not just the lines, it's actual real wrinkles. 

As women, the grey hair doesn't get us all the glory our male counterparts get but there are woman who make grey hair look hella chic... just look how amazing Connie Ferguson looks. 

Grey hair can can appear at any age and as to when it start showing, it is all the work of genetics.

Before we’re born, our hair is actually white, because it’s completely free of melanin. Over time though, the melanin begins to color our hair, resulting in each person’s unique hair color. Just as melanin colors our hair when we’re young, we lose melanin pigment as we age, which can result in silver strands.

Premature grey hair, the one that occurs before the age of 35, is said to be caused by hormonal imbalance, stress or environmental factors. 

A story on an Indian Dermatology Online Journal suggested that smoking is linked to premature graying. The exact mechanism of how smoking affects hair pigment is unknown, but an increase in free radical (unstable atoms that can wreak havoc in the body) formation within the hair follicle is one theory.


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