PICS: The weirdest houses and HOW MUCH they cost

Photo from Getty Images
Photo from Getty Images

ONE of the greatest assets a person can acquire in their lifetime is property.

Whether you have aspirations of owning your own house, flat, apartment or estate, the greatest reward you can ever give yourself is to get your own title deed.

I’ve mentioned conventional homes we all might want to own one day, but some people own some of the weirdest homes in the property market.

With a price tag that’s enough to send shock waves around the world, we take a look at some of these weird homes and how much they cost:

1. The Mushroom House

Located in New York, this mushroom structure’s market value is more than R17 million.

2. Floating Home

If you want to have a floating or aquatic foundation for your home, then this floating home in Washington, worth R52 million, will rock your world.

3. Desert Nomad House

This house, located in the dry desert area of Arizona, costs about R14 million.

4. The Toilet House

Want to rent something more bathroom-like in terms of experience? Then be willing to spend more than R700 000 a night at the Toilet House in South Korea.