PICS: Magnetic lashes for the win!

Benedict Muzembe takes on the booming beauty business.
Benedict Muzembe takes on the booming beauty business.

The booming beauty industry has seen many young people taking a shot at entrepreneurship and one of those determined young people is Benedict Muzembe.

Beauty enthusiast, Benedict Muzembe, is a 21-year-old young woman who is currently doing her 3rd year of Entrepreneurship studies at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Benedict is a self-taught makeup artist and has recently launched a website with her very own Branded Beau Et Belle - Magnetic lashes earlier this month.

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"As a makeup artist and being someone who is so into cosmetics, I know the struggles that lots of ladies have when it comes to strip lashes and glue. Some just can’t get it right and to make life easier for both makeup lovers and experts as well as those that are not so good with makeup applications, I decided to launch My own magnetic lashes. The magnetic lashes are so easy to use and you get the job done in less than 3 minutes. I have videos on my social platforms demonstrating how to use them." Benedict shared with Daily Sun.

"My website at the moment has 5 products which are 4 different styles of magnetic lashes and my Raw Shea Butter. The raw Shea butter is used for skin and hair and it was the very first product I launched under my brand and by far is my best seller. I have availed all my products on my online store that I recently launched - and I ship nationwide." she added.

She explains that she came up with her Brand name “Beau Et Belle” in 2017 while she was still in high school in Grade 10 and the meaning behind it is very relative to individual beauty for both females and males. 

Beau describes a masculine noun it’s French for handsome or beautiful man and Belle describes a feminine noun so in French. "We say “Une belle femme” meaning a beautiful woman." she explains.

"I chose to call my brand Beau Et Belle because I love all things beautiful especially when it comes to the human race, I know very well that my brand will be there to cater to both men and women as well as being a reminder that beauty is already within us. Beau Et Belle is all about Skin, Health and beauty." says Benedict.

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