PICS: Celebs and their exotic pets!


PETS have been said to be a human’s best friend as they

offer friendship, companionship and protection.

While domesticated pets we know include cats, dogs and birds, some are exotic. These pets are relatively rare, unusual to keep or generally thought of as a wild species.

While some may consider owning an exotic pet as weird, many international celebrities may beg to differ.

According to, here are some celebrities and their exotic pets:

1. Ice-T’s shark


Rapper Ice-T has always had a fascination with sharks. And after taking a trip to The Bahamas during which they swam with sharks, the famed rapper and his wife Coco fell in love with these creatures. A long-kept secret is that the two house several pet sharks in a huge aquarium in their home.

2. Tracy Morgan’s octopus


When Tracy appeared on the Animal Planet show Tanked in 2013, he needed help with an important transition – his giant pacific octopus named Bwyadette outgrowing her aquarium. Opting for a customised version inspired by the movie Jaws, Tracy ended up spending over R6 million on Bwyadette’s new abode that requires about 12 000L of water to fill.

3. Mike Tyson’s tiger

Celebs and their exotic pets

Known for owning several tigers over the years, Mike’s favourite was a white Bengal tiger named Kenya, which he owned for over 16 years. He recently explained to GQ magazine that Kenya weighed around 250kg, lived in his home and even slept in his bedroom with him. He also shared that she tore off the arm of a neighbour who visited his yard unexpectedly one day to play with her.

4. Justin and Hailey Bieber’s Savannah cats


Hailey and Justin own two stunning Savannah cats – a cross between a domesticated cat and wild African serval. The cats, named Sushi and Tuna, cost the famous couple over R500 000.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio and his African tortoise


While it only cost him over R500 000, wildlife conservationist Leonardo’s companion, an African spurred tortoise, is said to be able to live up to 100 years and ultimately weigh nearly 90kgs. The movie star purchased the tortoise from a trade show he attended with co-stars from his movie Inception in Anaheim, California.

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