PICS: 4 WIGS that left us with mixed emotions!

Bad wigs
Bad wigs

Wigs went from being a shame to being every girl's best friend. From celebrities to our beloved mothers and aunts. 

Outside of the the black community, wig-wearing in pop culture has traditionally fallen into two camps: fancy dress or hair-loss solution. 

The global wigs and hair extensions market is predicted to reach a value of $10bn by 2023. 

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With all this great news there is some bad news, we have all seen some horrendous wigs and here are 5 wigs that left us puzzled.

1. When will we learn to tell our friends the truth about their bad wigs?

Image result for terrible wigs

2. The floating wig

Image result for terrible wigs

3. The helmet

Image result for terrible wigs

4. The cornrows wig 

Bad wigs

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