Moghel and tidiness don’t mix


Dear MizzB

I love my girlfriend but she is very untidy. I have tried to show her how to keep the house tidy by doing chores in her presence.

She seems to think I’m overreacting and it has got to a point where I can’t be intimate with her if she has been at her place for days because of her smell. How do I make her see reason?

) Brotha

Dear Brotha

People understand hygiene differently. What you see as the best way to keep hygiene in check might be seen as being too much by other people.

Your girlfriend needs you to find a way to spell it out to her what your preferences are when it comes to cleanliness.

Some people don’t learn through observation but through direct communication.

Talk to her and find out what it is that she understands about hygiene and take it from there. All the best!

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